The Advantages of Video Conferencing

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Video is becoming an ever more common part of day to day business communications, introducing video as a method of communications can help improve the decision making time, reduce costs through not needing to travel, join up and unify a dispersed workforce and offer your customers a superior service.

There are many types of video conferencing solutions available, from simple web cameras mounted on a desktop or laptop to a full Tele Presence solution. Regardless of your business budget, introducing video into your business communications is becoming essential to gain the competitive edge.

There are many companies who provide a managed service solution, this means you do not have to pay large upfront costs associated with purchasing and installation of the video hardware and software. You only purchase the licences or rent the video solution as and when it is required.

With the latest unified communication solutions, video can be integrated with your voice, data and software applications, to bring the user a feature rich experience. Being able to bring, colleagues, customers or specialists into a video conversation with the click of a button, regardless of time or geographical location.
Being able to arrange management or training meetings at a moments notice, or give your customers a professional meeting no matter where they are in the world.

Integrating video into your communications also allows further collaborative solutions such as being able to share documents and discuss in real time, virtually eliminating the need to travel, which takes time and money.

There are many more advantages of introducing Video into your business communications, we have a whole range of suppliers and resellers of Video Conferencing solutions on find your perfect solution today!

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